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Woodsball is game style played in a natural setting. There are many game modes and woodsball may also be used in combination with scenario paintball
A popular style of paintball is Woodsball, which is generally played outdoors in a wooded area; giving it it’s name. Woodsball playing fields typically have large to no boundaries at all and can be played all year round. This style of paintball is more popular in rural areas where more land is available, whereas players in urban areas have more access to smaller indoor arenas which usually offer speedball and scenario ball instead.
Two levels of woodsball are recball and advanced play. Players in basic recreational woodsball tend to be “walk-ons”, which usually have basic paintball guns and equipment. The second level of woodsball is advanced play. This style utilizes established fundamentals and strategies which distinguish it from the basic recball playing level. Advanced woodsballers develop strong team coordination and formations on the field. This requires cooperation in movement, rapid manoeuvring, rigorous training, proper operation of available equipment and terrain, and the use of developed team tactics.
Basic Game Modes
  • Capture the Flag – The most popular game mode in paintball; capture the flag. In this mode a team must obtain the flag from the opponent’s flag station located on the other side of the field are return it to their station to win the game. A popular alternative for the flag position is in the center of the field.
  • Elimination or Slayer – Also known as team deathmatch, the objective for either team is to eliminate all of their opponents. Usually teams are split up evenly, but teams may also be divided unevenly to create unique challenges.
  • King of the Hill – This game mode involves raising and defending a flag in a given location.
  • Zombie – Also commonly called “Aliens”. One or more players are selected to be the designated zombies and can “infect” opponents by shooting them; making them zombies as well. The only way to eliminate a zombie is with a headshot. The game ends when everyone is turned into a zombie or all zombies are eliminated.
  • Tag – Just like the childhood game tag, but with paintball guns. One or more players start as “it” (usually one player) and must hit other players in order to be free from the “it” status thus making the hit target “it”.
  • Ironman – This mode demands a high endurance in being able to sustain multiple hits from incoming fire as well as resources. A chosen team is given the task to defend a fortified position on the field and are only out when they either surrender or run out of air or paint. Alternatively, one player may be selected as the Ironman and goes around the field until all opponents are eliminated unless the Ironman forfeits or runs out of paint or air.
  • Ambush – Consisting of two teams, ambushers and the caravan. The ambush team usually consists of a smaller force and must capture the target or flag from the larger force and return it to its starting location. The caravan, which is the larger force must move through a set area and deliver the flag to the determined safe zone. Hostage The popular game of hostage is where one team must free a group or individual from the opposing team, usually designated as terrorists. The rescue team is commonly called SWAT, Special Forces, or counter terrorists. Hostages typically are unarmed and are freed by being tapped by a member of the rescue team. At this point depending on the determined rules the rescue team may have to accompany the hostage to the designated evacuation zone. Depending on rules, hostages may also be allowed to use a secondary weapon provided by a rescue member.